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Vibrant Health Services is dedicated to their clients to providing the best quality products available to assist their clients in the detoxification process and complete balance of the human body.  We have chosen the following companies for their strong commitment to excellence and their continued efforts to improve the effectiveness of their products. Their goal is to successfully assist us in bringing both information and resources to our clients.

DP Nutritionals-Creates custom blend formulas consisting of herbs, flower essences, gem elixirs, minerals, leaf essences and whole foods.  These custom blends offer support to specific body areas and maintain a certain frequency assisting blockages and balance to the body.  Their single systematic formulas support individual symptoms for immediate relief while the custom blend formulas support the root cause.  Their goal is to support the body as a whole at the physical, emotional, subconscious and spiritual levels. (For professional use only)

Deseret Biologicals-Specialize in Homeopathic remedies and Dietary Supplements. (For professional use only)

Enzyme Process-A primary manufacturer of Health Products including herbs, grandulars, detoxifiers, homeopathics and nutritional supplements. (For professional use only)

Young Living Essential Oils- Provide 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-enhanced nutritional supplements.  Therapeutic essential oils are a key solution in delivering positive benefits to the body and were life enhancing from the beginning of time.  Until recently, man has ignored them.  They support the body, mind and spirit!  These oils have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties that are immune stimulating.

Q-Link-Electromagnetic field protection devices. The human “Biofield” becomes disrupted by EMF’s from microwaves, computers, cell phones, TV, power lines and many other sources.  Q-link pendants, bracelets and cell phone chips work to enhance, strengthen and reinforce the essential energy systems that extend outward from the body.  The energy systems are what make up the BIOFIELD.  To order call, 562-596-4008.

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